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basementsongs's Journal

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This is a graphic journal owned by eidetic and twocalendardays. Headers, banners, icons and basically anything we feel like posting is posted here. Every post will be public so you don't need to join the community, just friend it if you'd like to see the updates. This is a private community, we aren't looking for makers or anything like that. We tried it that way- it wasn't for us.

+Comment when you're saving something.
+Credit when you use something. Either twocalendardays or eidetic accordingly. Icon comments/keywords would be appreciated for icons, and userinfos for pretty much everything else.
+Don't direct link. It's illogical for icons, and for headers, get an imageshack or a Photobucket account. Please don't use ours.
+Livejournal or Greatestjournal use only. Caroline prefers LJ only, but Maria will go with either one.
+Don't edit our stuff. It makes us both look bad. 'Us' referring to Caroline, Maria, and you.

eidetic's resources.
twocalendardays's resources.
Photos in the layout/promotion banners we're found at mkaphotos, here.

_truely_layouts, _love_spell, baseic, dreamergraphix, queene_icons, _amoreincauto, seasonal_icons, _sexyresults, ___infatuati0nn, ___sandcastle, flyawaygraphics, intuitioned, icons_arelove, _lovefever, swish__flick,_barrage, getmeapony, chemicallims, trolleycons -- still accepting.

base codes by faceon!